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Art of Raw

The best Croatian raw chef Darko Jurić will be preparing food for you on this cruise.

Darko Jurić, awaits you to fall in love with his refined delicacies and recipes based on high quality, organic ingredients. Darko is truly artist of raw!



He is partner and a leader in project ‟Art of Raw‟a concept that unifies products, education, book publishing, consulting and hospitality all based on understanding nature and sustainable and holistic life style.

On this cruise this autor will not only give you tons of delicious and satisfying raw vegan recipes, but will also show you how to eat raw without typical troubles, like gas, indigestion and being hungry in half an hour after a meal.

Well combined raw vegan food allows your body to heal naturally, so you can get into your best shape easily, without feeling hungry all the time.

Simply vibrant!

Not only is our food raw, it’s truly alive, vibrant, fresh and full of life-giving enzymes and structured water that gives raw foodists this amazingly youthful and fresh look and energy. When food is prepared quicky and simply from freshly picked ingredients, it carries the magical life force. And the less we process the food, the more of that energy you will get.  Ideally,  you would climb on a tree, pick a fresh ripe apple or fig, and eat it right there – this is how you get into the real paradise on earth. With our minimally processed, freshly picked, well combined and balanced food prepared with love and years of experience, we are bringing you this paradise feeling right into the comfort of the luxurious yacht we will be travelling on. See you there!

Raw food-probably the most delicious food in the world!

Every day there is more and more proof that many people have successfully cured themselves, even from the most serious diseases, by consuming raw food. It is also a well-known fact that raw food is not merely a food; it is also a powerful medicine. People generally decide on this kind of diet for health reasons, when they realise that the usual medical methods are of no avail, so Raw food is commonly considered an ascetic diet that completely neglects gourmet pleasures in favour of health.

However, a relatively small number of people are lucky enough to know that raw food, when prepared expertly, is probably the most delicious food in the world!

The secret lies in a right combination of ingredients. If the ingredients are mixed together in the right way, the result is a true symphony of flavours whose fullness and richness can hardly be compared to any other way of eating.

You will truly be embarking on a gastronomic gourmet adventure and discover the true art of raw.


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