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Holistic well-being program

Holistic Well-being program = Stress Relief Techniques + Educational and Entertaining Workshops

ForgivingFlat-960x600_cStress Relief Techniques: massage, yoga, fitness, swimming, laughter yoga workshops, psychical functioning (controlling our thoughts and emotions, facing the stress in an effective way)

Educational and Entertaining Workshops: classic lecture about health factors (food, stress:the influence of  psychical functioning on the immune system), raw food workshops, laughter yoga workshops.

The main aim

After our cruise we are quite certain that your answers to the following guestions will be much clearer:

  1. Which are the most important health-related factors I ought to know something about?
  2. What can I do for my own health and for the health of my loved ones?
  3. Have I really taken responsibility for my own health, or am I leaving it to someone else all the time?

On the scale of life’s values one’s own health as well as the health of his dearest ones is usually in the first place. Therefore we would be expected to pay more attention to something so vitally important. Unfortunately, it is not the case. The majority of people start thinking about health only after they lose it. The heavier the loss is, the more intensive thinking about it becomes, although before it happens, everything is taken for granted. However, we do not think that the aspiration towards health should be just a frantic struggle against disease when it appears. Our main aim is to inspire any individual to start thinking about health while he is still fit and able to do something for himself. True health is not merely the absence from  illness, it is much more than that. Good helath means the fullness of life energy and joy growing daily. In order to achieve this objective,we feel free to offer some important pieces of advice and instructions how to improve your health; moreover, you can everything during our journey. We hope you will find them acceptable and apply the  in your everyday life after our journey is over. Just do something for yourself – present yourself with a newly acquired knowledge, which might change your life!

Theoretical bases

The central idea of our holistic health-related program is life energy. The state of our health depends directly on the flow of life energy in our body. The worse the energy flows, the weaker the body will be, and consequently it leads to bad health and disease. If such a state of inadequate energy flow continues, the disease will eventually appear. The weaker the energy gets, the more intensive the symptoms will be. On the other hand, the better the energy flow is, he healthier the body will be, as the state of health depends on the quantity of energy.

As there are diseases of different intensity, there is also health of different intensity. Very often health is, in a limited way, considered to be merely the absence of disease, so it is often said:»You are healthy if you are not ill!» However, it is only the first, in fact the lowest step when speaking about health. The number of the steps that follow is much larger, but unfortunately, a great number of people is not conscious of it at all.

So, often they do not even try to climb up any further and in that way to afford themselves better health but rather stay on the first step and never really try to taste how wonderful life can be.Truly healthy people burst with health and life energy, they are very active, with many wishes but at the same time strong enough to make them come true. They usually look much younger than the people of the same age, they have brighter skin, clearer eyes, a movable and attractive body. Not only do they look younger, biologically they are younger than their peers!

Now, there is a question why they look like that. It does not happen accidentally but it is the result of the healthy way they live.

What kind of life is it?

It is the way of life in which a man (consciously or unconsciously) respects some important health-related factors and lives in harmony with them. There are people who live long, who are healthy and productive due to the fact that they live in accordance with them without even being aware of it. When they are asked for the secret of their good health, they cannot give any answer. All that we can say is that they are very lucky to live like that. However, if we realize which those factors are and start living in harmoy with them, then we can become conscious creators of such happiness in our lives.

Well then, which are those important health-related factors and how to live in harmony with them?

The question will be answered in our holistic program. It is holistic due to the fact that each of the factors is examined as a dependable part of a whole, and when combined they have a joint effect on our health. What follows are the most important health-related factors, and the questions will be answered during the journey we are going to share with you.

The most important health-related factors are:

1. Food and the interconnectedness with Nature

Let your food be your medicine and let yor medicine be your food. (Hippocrates)

  • Why is organically grown food so important for our health?
  • Which is the healthiest wayof preparing food?
  • How to avoid toxins and to detoxify the body?
  • Why is unspoiled Nature the main precondition to our health?
  • How to keep the natural balance and at the same time satisfy our everyday needs
  • One of the solutions can be found in permaculture.
  • How to grow food in your own garden?
  • Why is the work in the garden so beneficial to our health and gives us much more than health food itself?

2. Psychical  functioning

  • controlling (directing) our thoughts and emotions (the importance of the development of positive attitude towards life and building up self-respect)
  • the effective ways of facing stress
  • interpersonal relations (the feeling of love and affiliation, intergration into the narrower and wider community)
  • spirituality ( the consciousness that each of us is of extraordinary importance
  • for the perfection of a whole, the development of a deep feeling for the real sense of life)
  • the influence of psychical functioning on the immune system

3. Exercises  and  breathing

  • classic forms of western exercises ( walking, running, swimming, strength stretching exercises)
  • classic forms of ancient eastern exercises ( qi-gong, joga, do-in )
  • breathing exercises which form an important whole when combined with the above-mentioned exercises

Now, let us go back to the beginning of our story about the importance of life energy. If we give a closer look at it, we can see that all these factors are very important sources of life energy and affect its flow very favourably. The more of the sources we use, the more energy we will have, and it makes us more active, happier, better realized, in a word – healthier.

Our project managers are open to any well-argumented discussion on different dilemmas about health. For instance, often does a person who is trying to live a healthy life face the comments by some health-unenlightened people, who try to belittle his aspiration towards healthy life and shake his belief that such life  is worth-living. You have certainly heard a story that might go like this one: «I do not want to give up tasty, delicious food no matter how unhealthy it may be just to live a few years longer. I do not want to give up enjoying food! I want to live happily! After a hard day’s work I adore sitting in my comfortable armchair, drinking beer, eating nibbles and watching TV for hours, and nothing else in the world can make me so happy as a heap of custard slices. I would kill for a piece of cake! I do not want to give up cigarettes either. My great-grandfather used to smoke much and eat bacon every day and he lived to be 95!

What should we say at this? Let us do it one by one:

The healthiest foods in the world are at the same time the most delicious ones if prepared in the healthiest way that leaves their most valuable ingredients preserved and emphasizes and inimitable taste. They give the body all it needs in an ideal ratio and considerably raise the level and flow of life energy. The people who eat good health food feel terrific, they are seldom ill, their life expectancy is usually longer than average ( 10 to 15 years ) in case the other health-related factors are well combined. Very soon unhealthy food becomes tasteless to them, namely, after some time on good food their intelligent body reacts to what is best to it. Consequently, it becomes very tasty to them,too. The people who live healthy lives have plenty of energy and they do not feel like sitting and watching TV or overloading their stomach. They want to enjoy something more productive and creative that can fill them with the feeling of pure happiness. The products based on white flour and white sugar can cause various toxic reactions in our body. Besides, they can lead to addiction, which has been proved in numerous researches.

In our story about the great-grandfather only his bad habits were pointed out, but nothing was said about the good things he was doing for his health (perhaps even unaware of it). There are some other health-related factors besides food that can contribute considerably to our health and give us a good amount of energy. The great-grandfather might have been a very stable person, who developed a good strategy of facing stress, who was trying to find something good in anything that was happening to him,draw a lesson out of it and go on.Perhaps he had confdence in people and life because in his childhood he was dearly loved and supported by his parents.Owing to it, later in life he might have been able to realize good and friendly relations with other people, he might have had sincere friends ready to help him or he met a woman he loved truly and enjoyed his family, his children, hs grandchildren…he certainly had a feeling that life i worth living. If he ate bacon, he was probably breeding his own pigs, he spent a lot of time outdoors walking, and we know how beneficial it was for their health. He had to grow food for his pigs as well as for himself in his garden manuring it with the staff got from his pigs and not using artificial fertilizers. Of course, no pesticides were available at that time, so we can say that he way eating organic food. His pigs probably spent a part of the day in the open air, eating good food and moving around freely, and the meat got from such animals  is known to be much healthier than the meat bred in the farms. He was smoking not to relieve stress and neurosis but because he was truly enjoying it. The researches have shown that smoking is the most disastrous for health when itis used to lessen the psychical tension.

And, in the end, if the great-grandfather had not smoked and eaten bacon every day, he might have lived to be 105… and watched his grandchildren growing up for ten years longer than he did!!!

The way of realization

The project managers of our holistic approach to health will be at your disposal during the whole journey. They will listen carefully to any of your ideas about health, be it your agreement,praise and delight with the program or your critical remark, disapproval, complaint and counter-argument. It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you and, whenever possible, they will try to give you a chance of checking in practice whatever the talk is about. Their knowledge and experience will be offered to you in three ways:

1. Informal conversation

A great deal of our program is carried out through unplanned, informal and unprejudiced talk in a pleasant atmosphere. The project managers are ready to answer any of your questions about health at any moment. It is not necessary to make an appointment to get an answer to your already prepared questions. You can just ask whatever crosses your mind at that moment.They are there to be at your service during the whole journey, and it would be asvisable to make a good use of their presence.

2. Classic lecture

For those interesred in such presentations, there are classic lectures at the fixed time, in which all the relevant information worth acquiring are presented in a systematic and planned way. Of course, your questions, remarka and ideas are welcome,as well.

3. Exercises and workshops

In order to share our ideas on the healthiesf ways of preparing the healthiest foods we also organize workshops at the appointed time for those interested in such an activity. Besides, we also organize morning and evening exercises, combined with breathing exercises. All the activities give an excellent opportunity for experiencing the effectiveness of our health program. We feel quite certain that very soon you will be convinced that all this is not just a fairy tale but, on the contrary, something very practical, applicable and effective. We hope you will practise applying it when you get home.

Our offer consists of four elements:

  1. Raw Food
  2. Holistic well-being program
  3. Cruising in beautiful Croatia
  4. Our luxurious ship
World Healthies Foods Cruise