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Unique story about beauty and health 

The idea itself originated from love toward nature and the need to provide an offer in the sector of tourism that would implement a country’s authentic value, natural wealth and beauty. Many people who have visited our homeland Dalmatia (south Croatia) remained in awe by its beauty. However, we believe that they have seen only a glimpse of what Dalmatia has to offer. There is so much subdued beauty that people still haven’t seen, many fascinating stories that have remained untold… Every island, every cove, every little picturesque place has its own story. In order to find out about them and explore them further, it is necessary to spend a longer period of time here. We have been living here all our lives so we made an effort to delve deeper into the local customs and locate the people who possess a great insight into the authentic local traditions. In addition, we have added another story to the pile, a story about health. Dalmatia is not only one of the most beautiful parts of the world; it is one of the healthiest as well. It is almost as if nature has tried very hard here to provide people with what is best for them. These are not mere clichés presented to you for the sole purpose of a tourism campaign; in fact, we have gathered many scientific proofs that confirm our claims. In order to present these pieces of information to our guests, we have prepared a variety of educational and fun workshops during their cruise on our ship. Our understanding of health is deeply holistic. Genuine health is not a mere absence of illness. It is so much more than that. True health means to be fulfilled with life energy and joy, which continue to grow day by day. In order to achieve that, it is necessary to consider many factors, among which a healthy diet too. Food cultivated in Dalmatia is probably the healthiest in the world (these are not just empty phrases; we have scientific proofs to support these claims. George Mateljan, one of the world’s most renowned experts on the matter of healthy food, has greatly contributed to this by conducting extensive researches on the subject for the last 40 years with the help of an independent team of scientists. We have established a very close collaboration with George Mateljan’s Centre of Excellence in Split). However, this can only be applied to the type of food that is organically cultivated by adhering to strict ecological principles. That is why we support the development of local and organic food producers, especially on Dalmatian islands which are indeed little ecological oasis. By doing so, we try to bring people back to islands. We gladly take our tourists for a visit to their picturesque eco farms so they can witness for themselves where their food comes from and how it is produced. We strongly advocate the principle of environmental protection because without healthy Nature (pure air, clean water and healthy food) there would be no health for us. By treating Nature with consciousness and care and by abiding her laws, we also take care of ourselves – we must never forget that. Therefore, we handle ship’s waste with utmost carefulness and precaution.   Lately we have been witnesses to coastal devastation in many Mediterranean countries and Dalmatia is no exception. Houses and the entire area next to sea are built out of concrete and other artificial materials. We strongly oppose this concept. How? By encouraging and promoting the use of stone in construction work. Stone is a solid, healthy, natural as well as traditional building tool that has been used in Dalmatia for thousands of years. Almost all cultural monuments are made of stone, including those of ancient Greeks and Romans who were the first inhabitants in this area. It is the material that, aesthetically speaking, perfectly fits into the environment, it is natural and it doesn’t pollute (there are no harmful substances and radiation like in some cases with concrete) and its processing does not require the energy of the fossil fuels, only electric energy. Besides, stone may be processed manually as well, and that is precisely what we aim to promote. Houses built out of hand-chiseled stone are beautiful and do not affect the environmental balance. For that very reason, we closely collaborate with a stone-masonry school from Pucisca on the island of Brac. That is certainly one of our must-see destinations. That school is one of very few ones in the world where you can learn how to hand chisel the stone. Pupils in this school learn how to chisel stone by using the same tools and techniques used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, which is why this type of stone masonry is also called the Roman school of hand stone chiseling. Brac is an extremely important island for an entire Dalmatia because almost all cultural monuments in Dalmatia are built out of stone extracted from stone quarries on Brac. We would like to tell you this story about stone, Brac and its unique stone-masonry school in more detail. We can organize short stone-masonry classes for you in collaboration with the aforementioned school on Brac, in order to familiarize you further with the topic. Besides, you can also purchase numerous hand-made stone souvenirs in Pucisca. Along with a diet, stress is the second most important health factor. Natural harmony in Dalmatia is very favorable for performing an array of stress-relieving techniques, which is why we hired several experts from that field to show you how to do these exercises properly (yoga, qi-gong, fitness). We are responsible for our own health to a great extent. Our medical condition does not occur by accidence, it is the result of our choice. Therefore, we invite you to sail with us and, with our help, discover a unique balance of health and beauty present in our homeland. We hope that it will be a very inspirational experience for you. On the scale of life’s values one’s own health as well as the health of his dearest ones is usually in the first place. Therefore we would be expected to pay more attention to something so vitally important. Unfortunately, it is not the case. The majority of people start thinking about health only after they lose it. The heavier the loss is, the more intensive thinking about it becomes, although before it happens, everything is taken for granted. However, we do not think that the aspiration towards health should be just a frantic struggle against disease when it appears. Our main aim is to inspire any individual to start thinking about health while he is still fit and able to do something for himself. True health is not merely the absence from  illness, it is much more than that. Good helath means the fullness of life energy and joy growing daily. In order to achieve this objective, we feel free to offer some important pieces of advice and instructions how to improve your health; moreover, you can everything during our journey. We hope you will find them acceptable and apply the  in your everyday life after our journey is over. Just do something for yourself – present yourself with a newly acquired knowledge, which might change your life! The focus of this program is to provide you with tools necessary for attaining a more inspiring and balanced life while at the same time connecting with nature and spending some quality time with yourself and with the people surrounding you. After our cruise we are quite certain that your answers to the following guestions will be much clearer:

  1. Which are the most important health-related factors I ought to know something about?
  2. What can I do for my own health and for the health of my loved ones?
  3. Have I really taken responsibility for my own health, or am I leaving it to someone else all the time?


By offering solely organic food on ships’ menus, we would like to support and encourage ecological food production, particularly local suppliers of ecological food, thus enabling them to promote a colorful palette of their seasonal organic fruits and vegetables, making possible for numerous families to make a basic income. Organic food from Croatia is probably the healthiest food you can find in Europe because Croatia is ecologically one of the best preserved European country, especially Croatian islands. They are an ideal place for supreme organic food production. Unfortunately, because of unemployment, great majority of residents are emigrating the islands in search of better living conditions and basic sources of income in bigger cities. This project is our effort to reinforce returning of the residence on the islands and helping them realize the real true treasure lies in Nature, in its fruits and beauties, in the harmony of the earth, the sun, air and water and preserving it and making the value and basic income  trough it. The treasure that has never been hidden but given to all of us. The only thing we could do is to open our senses: to be able to see, to feel, to use and respect it properly and help others to experience it too.

It is interesting to mention that our fitness instructor and workshop coordinator is also an ecological beekeeper. You can get samples of many of his products and get detailed information about anything that might interest you regarding beekeeping. He encourages other beekeepers in Croatia to turn to ecological production of honey and to offer their products to us. It is important to emphasize that non-ecological honey contains all sorts of harmful substances that remain even after treating the honeybees, therefore, only an ecological honey is truly healthy.

We encourage the use of cosmetics based on natural ingredients. For example, olive oil soaps and essential oils made of medicinal herbs. We obtain these products from eco producers from islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis and Solta.

Captain and all of the crew members are from Krilo Jesenice (near the city of Split) and all are very experienced sailors. Krilo Jesenice is a small coastal town with a rich maritime tradition. Nowadays it is one of the most famous destinations of nautical tourism in Croatia. The story of the maritime history of Krilo Jesenice and  coexsistence and connection between its residents and the sea is very interesting.

All of the ships we use on our cruises are constructed and built in the local shipyards thus enabling employment of local engineers, shipwrigts and others in shipbuilding sector. Unemployment is currently great problem in Croatia.

All of our staff are locals and young people highly active in living eco principles and we are offering them opportunity for quality work, training and fair wages. They are promoting ecological agriculture  and  are happy to share their knowledge and  wisdom with guests and give example to everyone willing to implement this knowledge in everyday life.


By using eco – friendly cleaning solutions on ships and separating organic waste and later using it for composting, we would like to set a new trend of environmental care within our area of expertise, to promote this new approach in tourism and be responsible travel organizers who in every way wish to reduce a negative ecological footprint and pollution. It is our vision to develop an eco-brand or green ships. We would like to set an example and show to others that it is possible to travel in a different way and to treat nature with responsibility.

By providing education and organizing workshops on the ships, we would like to contribute to making people more aware of this matter and to become more receptive in embracing an active approach to ecology, health and organic food. We wish to encourage every individual to understand the importance of making the right choice when it comes to consuming and buying food and the effect it has on our health, quality of life and our overall well-being.

A visit to a National Park of Kornati and Mljet. A visit to a Nature Park Telascica on Dugi Otok. Find out more about flora and fauna of the national parks and their peculiarities.

All our experts and members of our staff are people who actively live by eco principles and continue to promote them with their work (they dedicate their free time to organic agriculture, to promoting the benefits of organic or raw food, giving lectures on similar topics, etc.)


A story about food and health

By providing education and organizing workshops on the ships, we would like to contribute to making people more aware of this matter and to become more receptive in embracing an active approach to ecology, health and organic food. We wish to encourage every individual to understand the importance of making the right choice when it comes to consuming and buying food and the effect it has on our health, quality of life and our overall well-being.

Dalmatia is a country of superb food quality. Numerous autochthonous alimentary products of the highest quality will be displayed on a special stand on the ship, each with its own story.  For example, there is a very interesting story about garlic from a small place called Ljubovitica. In that village grows a special kind of garlic that, in synergy with a specific microclimate, results in an excellent product. Garlic from Ljubovitica was ranked number one on multiple health testing procedures, based on the samples of garlic from many different countries. It is also interesting to note that our fitness instructor as well as our workshop coordinator is from Ljubovitica by origin and cultivates that very garlic on the soil of his ancestors.

A story about stone 

We encourage the use of stone as a traditional and natural tool in construction work, particularly the use of hand chiseled stone and restoring the old, traditional way of building which was very functional and at the same time does not leave any negative footprint in nature. It is often said for Dalmatia that it is a land of stone. The story about stone began a long time ago, actually a few thousands ago, when people who came to live here built the first houses and stone sculptures, and continues until this very day. The story about stone is in fact the story about all important monuments in Dalmatia (Diocletian’s Palace, Salona, Trogir, Sibenik’s Cathedral, Dubrovnik…) and about many accomplished stone-masons that continued to build from the ancient times until today. Nowadays, this tradition continues in a stone-masonry school in Pucisca on the island of Brac, with whom we have established a very close collaboration. In that school pupils are being taught by some of the most experienced masons, whereas the workshop in which are displayed the pupils’ works is a great tourist attraction. We may even organize short masonry workshops upon the guests’ request. There are also stands where you can buy hand-made stone souvenirs.

A story about a Flower of Salt 

We use only the highest quality salt in our galley, that is, the Flower of Salt. It is produced in a traditional way in a saltpan in Nin, one of the rare saltpans in the world that originates from the Roman era. It emerges on the surface of the sea as a thin layer of salt leaf, like flower petals (that is where the name comes from) and it is hand collected only. This kind of salt abounds with important minerals and is very beneficial for our organism. A clean environment in the city of Nin, a presence of a specific biologic micro filter of petula and a very favorable microclimate make this salt a world-class product. By promoting this salt, we wish to support and preserve its production in a traditional way.

A story about rich and intriguing cultural and historical legacy 

We have chosen 22 destinations overall that we plan to visit. We have gathered a wealth of information about each one of them, which will be told to you in great detail by our local guides who live in the chosen destinations and are therefore well informed of their homeland. Every destination has a very special story to tell and we are eager to share it with all our guests

Some examples:

How the people from Omiš almost ate up Odysseus (Ulysses)???

Prvić: The island of Croatian Leonardo da Vinci!

How did fishermen from Vis change the world of fishing?

Krapanj:The smallest and lowest inhabited island of the Adriatic Sea!

Krapanj:The story of sponges

Hvar theatre – the oldest public theatre in Europe!

Hvar procession Za križen

The island of Brač:The school of stonemasonry in town Pučišća

Mario Puratić – a person from Brac on Canadian notes

Ivan Vučetić – a man from Hvar who is the reason why many criminals have restless nights

A story about a traditional Dalmatian song 

Dalmatia is a land of a cappella singing. There is a long tradition of a cappella singing that creates a peculiar ambience and arises very strong emotions, palpable even without understanding the words of the song. These folk songs were passed on from generation to generation, comprising all the joy and the sorrow of an ordinary Dalmatian man. Numerous destinations that we will visit have their own a cappella singers and choirs that we hire to sing for you aboard the ship in order to give you a live demonstration. When it comes to a cappella singing, the city of Omis holds a special place since it is there that a festival of a cappella choirs takes place. Dalmatian a cappella singing has been enlisted on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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