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Prvić: The island of Croatian Leonardo da Vinci!


The island of Croatian Leonardo da Vinci!

The Island of Prvić is known as the Island of Faust Vrančić, a well-known Croatian innovator, mathematician, physicist, linguist and historian. Because of his versatility he is usually called Croatian Leonardo da Vinci. He lived in the Renaissance time and had a real Renaissance universal mind. He was born in Šibenik, in 1551, and spent his childhood on the island. The world knows him as the creator of the first parachute which he also successfully tested himself. He is the author of the first Croatian dictionary.

He died in Venice in 1617, but his remains, as it was his dying wish, were carried over to the Island of Prvić and placed to rest in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy in Luka. Today his work is exhibited in Memorial Centre Faust Vrančić in Luka, where you can also see the models of some of his inventions.

About Prvić

Prvić is one of the pearls of the Šibenik archipelago. The island area is 2.37 km2, with the population of 500 who occupy two villages Prvić Luka i Prvić Šepurine. Both settlements are protected as cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. Prvić has been inhabited even in Ancient times and it reached its peak in Middle Ages. In the 16th century it became a trendy destination of noblemen from Šibenik who build their villas and summer residences there. Between them was also the family of Faust Vrančić.

Prvić today is an oasis of peace. It captures us with its beauty and singularity. There are no motor vehicles on the island. Its picturesque coves and bays attract visitors seeking seclusion, peace and quiet.

What to visit?

  • THE CHURCH OF OUR LADY – 19th cent.
  • THE CHURCH OF ST. ROKO – 17th century; famous for its unique baroque altar
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