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Primošten: A town knitted in “stone lace”, a unique monument to centuries of work field labourers’ callous hands have done…


The “stone lace” from Primošten – the ornament in the United Nations in New York

The well-known Primošten vineyards, with their distinctive composition of vines, stone and sea have become recognizable in entire world. They are often called the “stone lace” as they are entwined with kilometres of dry-stone walls the field labourers have been building since ancient times. They are an ode to human labour and persistence. It has once been calculated that if only one man was to build the walls and was working 8 hours a day, it would take him around 1200 years!!! A photo of the vineyards can be seen inside the UN building in New York.

Awareness of the world value the vineyards have in the sense of sustainable development and the beauty of landscape is the main reason why they have been submitted to the tentative list for nomination for UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a protected cultural landscape. This would make them the second protected vineyards in the world.

Citizen Kane used to live in Primošten too!

Primošten is a beautiful picturesque village, perfect for a cosy, peaceful life so the fact that, a famous American actor and director, Orson Wells chose it as one of his favourite destinations should come as no surprise. He bought a house there and used to come quite frequently.

Premier wine “Babić”

Premier wine “Babić”, made from the homonymous grape variety, is the best known wine from the Primošten vineyards. Their steep location shows the incredible human persistence and strength needed to turn, with their bare hands, the rough, rocky terrain into generous, fertile land. Vines have been grown here since the 8th century BC, when the Illyrians started to plant vines. The tradition was then continued by the Greeks and Romans and since the 7th century AD by the Croatians … up to this day.

 “Golden Flower” of Europe

In 2007 Primošten got the Entente Florale Europe, the Golden Flower of Europe award, for the scenery and landscapes in the Villages category.

About Primošten

Primošten is a small village 27 km from Šibenik. The old part of the village is situated on the small peninsula which, in the past, was actually an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. The area between the island and the mainland was later filled up and levelled so Primošten became a peninsula. The village kept its Mediterranean atmosphere and all the characteristics of a Mediterranean settlement – stone houses, churches and narrow streets. There are many small shops, bars and souvenir places, and during summer you can find numerous entertainment and sport activities. In its vicinity there is the biggest and the most popular discotheque in Dalmatia – Aurora – where numerous world renowned DJ stars perform.

For a long time, the main sectors of economy in Primošten were agriculture (wine and olive growing), cattle breeding, fishing and, from the middle of the last century, tourism – so the village is fast becoming one of the leading tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast.

What to visit?

  • PARISH CHURCH OF ST. GEORGE – situated on the highest point of the peninsula, built in the 13th century
  • CHURCH OF ST. ROKO – dating from the 17th century, a very valuable cultural monument
  • LONG PEBBLE BEACHES – the most beautiful and famous one is Raduća
  • A BEAUTIFUL PROMENADE – inside the old city walls
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