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Lastovo: The most beautiful starry sky!


The most beautiful starry sky in Europe!

Million of stars leave people breathless …. This scene has been witnessed many times by people who visited the island of Lastovo. They had never seen  such a starry night before as it was  above the island Lastovo during their visit. This impression was confirmed in 2008 by Slovenian astro-photographer Mikuz  Herman and Andrej Mohar. They have stated that Lastovo is a location with the most beautiful starry night in Europe because of its remoteness and lack of pollution. The location is good for setting up a telescope and watching stars. Lastovo could become a European astronomic park.

Treasure island

As the island is far from the main coast it represents a peaceful and quiet oasis. Spending some time on the island could be very precious for a person with a busy lifestyle. This is one of the rare places where you are able to find peace and inner self.

The Emperor Island in the blueness of the sea

Lastovo – the Emperor Island! The island was named the Emperor Island by the Romans who were impressed by its beauty. A number of fields, lush vegetations, the surrounding small islands, untouched bays leave the visitors breathless. It could be said: ‘ The island is proud and deserted on its throne in the blueness of the sky and the sea’.

Bill Gates – relaxed only on Lastovo!

In the peace and quiet of the island world famous personalities can enjoy. For instance, Bill Gates who was visiting the Adriatic coast on his yacht in 2009, attracted a lot of attention everywhere else except on Lastovo. He visited the lighthouse, situated on 100m high cliff on the southern side of Lastovo. He consumed the local dishes and excellent wine. He also had fish which had been caught the same morning. Bill Gates’ body guards had a break finally and they could relax in an oasis of peace and quiet.

The unique chimneys – chimneys of Lastovo

The unique chimneys of Lastovo are the symbols of the island. Stone houses with specific and unusual chimneys represent an unique archaeological treasure. It is quite difficult to find two similar chimneys on the island.

Lastovo – a natural reserve

Lastovo and its area have been a natural reserve since 2006. It is an untouched beauty.

Islands of Lastovo among 10 oases of the Mediterranean

The organisation ‘World Wide Fund for Nature’ positioned Lastovo archipelago among 10 oases of the Mediterranean because of its untouched and unspoiled beauty.

Romantic holiday at the lighthouse

It is for sure that even most experienced seamen who come to Lastovo will not miss the chance to visit  one of the lighthouses, especially Glavatu which is situated on a small island east of Lastovo, or Susca which is positioned on  steep cliffs far at the open sea. At present, the lighthouses are a real attraction for tourists who wish to spend romantic holidays.

Without fear of poisonous snakes and other dangerous creatures

It is quite significant to mention that there are no poisonous snakes or spiders on the island or animals which could be dangerous to humans. When you are spending time outdoors you may enjoy in untouched nature without any fear of animals.

General information about Lastovo

Lastovo belongs to the southern group of Dalmatian islands. The island is 10 km long about 6km wide. There are about 40 small islands in the vicinity of Lastovo. There are about 800 inhabitants on the island. Lastovo and Vis are the furthest inhabited islands of the Adriatic sea.  As a remote island being untouched by industry it has preserved its beauty and uniqueness. It is an island with the most beautiful starry sky in Europe and it is a real oasis of peace and quiet. Lastovo became a natural reserve in 2006. The best known town is Lastovo with its unique chimneys, folk customs and interesting carnivals.


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