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Our special guest – Darko Jurić

Darko Jurić


Darko lives in Zagreb, Croatia. He is raw food chef, writer, and holistic life style and culinary consultant and educator. After working many years in upscale New York and Los Angeles restaurants he opened raw food restaurant called Elixir in Zagreb, one of the first in Europe. Darko has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows on the subject of health and food. He is partner and a leader in project ‟Art of Raw‟ a concept that unifies products, education, book publishing, consulting and hospitality all based on understanding nature and sustainable and holistic life style. Darko graduated with a masters degree in acupuncture and botanical medicine from the topranked Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California. He is also a graduate of the American Health Science University, Colorado, Vermont College at Norwich University, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with advanced training in Live Blood Cell Analysis.

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