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Jesse Bogdanovich

Jesse Bogdanovich- Teacher/lecturer and raw lifestyle coach 

Will be giving lectures on health, raw vegan food, emotions, happiness and overall lifestyle design.

JB talk

Jesse Bogdanovich is a raw vegan pioneer and world-renowned expert in healthy raw nutrition and lifestyle. He went 100 percent raw vegan overnight, more than 17 years ago and cured himself of paralyses, juvenile diabetes, lymph congestion, among other domino affect health issues that were caused from a polio vaccine. It turned him from a healthy baby into a very sick one that led to many years of disability and ill health. Jesse has overcome all kinds of physical and emotional challenges. He was introduced to water fasting and many other healing methods, but only when he discovered the raw vegan diet at 21 years old, did he become very healthy and truly happy.

His many years of experience in supporting people with overcoming physical and emotional health challenges of all kinds, including very serious ones of his own, have made Jesse a natural health advisor. Jesse has been inspired to learn from the leading health experts and intuitively develop his own path to ultimate health and happiness. In his opinion, everyone can get healthy with this natural approach, balanced raw vegan nutrition, exercise, a positive attitude and the best one of all: a strong will to help others get well.

Jesse’s biggest goal is to create a positive worldwide impact, passionately inspiring and supporting as many people as possible so they can live more fulfilling lives and follow their own dreams that will come true by staying on Nature’s path. He is living proof that an active, natural lifestyle, following your heart and a living food diet is the most powerful way to heal your body–soul, and be truly happy in life so you can help heal others in need. For the ultimate support on your raw vegan path, Jesse offers an online program, recipe book, personal consultations, retreats and more. Visit Jesse’s website at TheWholeLifestyle.com My raw story here: http://thewholelifestyle.com/about/jesses-story/

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