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Ana Vuković

Ana Vuković – hostess


I was born in Split, in 1983.

I graduated in fashion design from the University in Zagreb in 2007. I design and make clothes and bags. I love theatre very much, especially opera and ballet, so I often draw costumes for such plays.

In my free time I greatly enjoy designing interior and landscape of my own home. I do this with the utmost care as my goal is to create a very cosy, pleasurable home.

Preparing food and designing dishes is another great passion I have. It started in my early childhood and has been going on since. I like experimenting with different groceries in search of the best taste. A few years ago I came across raw food which had a great influence on me. I realised that the healthiest food was at the same time the tastiest food – if prepared correctly. As my body has got used to the unique flavour of natural, organic food, it now infallibly knows what is good for it. Processed food, full of taste enhancers and other additives became rather repulsive to me. Besides, I was startled by the effects which different chemicals used to treat food have on the human body and health. I want to give myself and my family all the best, so I started my own little garden in which I managed to grow different, all organic produce. i find that the food which I, myself, manage to grow with love tastes the best and it has the best effect on me and my health. I follow my plants through all the stages, from being a seed, until the time they are picked, and that to me is priceless.  I find working in the garden and preparing a meal from freshly picked produce very relaxing and I would recommend it to everyone!

Nature is my great inspiration. I adore being outdoors and being a part of Nature. Nature’s perfect beauty and balance help me find beauty and balance inside myself.


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